Wednesday, 2 May 2012

Diamonds are Forever

They say that Elizabeth Taylor's jewellery told the story of her life and the historic auction of her collection made over £100 million.

I don't have a lot of jewellery and certainly nothing that Cash for Gold would be very interested in, as what I do have, is mainly costume jewellery. However it did get me thinking what my jewellery would say about my life. It hasn't been particularly scandalous like Liz's often was, but there are pieces that say something about me.

There's these, of course:-

but they are really a bit too obvious.

This locket may not look like much, but I had it when I first became a Mom and there is a baby picture of each of my two boys in either half.

This ring reminds me of my Auntie Mary who emigrated to Canada and reminds me I still have family in British Columbia. I might get to go there one day, but I often wonder what it's like.

I mentioned my grandparents and the parts they played in the war during a previous post, but this pin is one my Grandfather gave my Nanna before he left the country. It says " The Lord watch between me and thee, when we are absent one from Another". He did just that.

Naturally, there had to be a cross in there somewhere aswell, and I have quite a few to choose from. This one is a cross that I made myself at a lovely workshop day held at my Church where Norma from the Silver Fish Company gave us a brief lesson and let us loose. It was a fabulous day of fun, laughter and fellowship and this was my result.

While I was mooching through my bits and pieces, I also came across this lovely jewellery box. Can you guess what's in it? 

I think not!!

Am I the only odd and slightly gruesome Mommy who has kept all her Son's teeth? Ssshh, No. 2 Son is still receiving visits from the tooth fairy!!

What does your jewellery say about your life?

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. I'm not particularly into jewellery but I do always wear my wedding ring and earrings when I am off the property (I don't wear them otherwise).
    If I could only choose three things it would be wedding ring...dirt cheap plain band, tiny pearl earrings my hubby bought for my 21st birthday...I wore them on my wedding day, and my cross bought for me by my nanna for my 5th birthday.
    Jane x
    PS I do not have any teeth in my jewellery box!

  2. You have some nice pieces & once you have finished collecting teeth you could string them & wear them like pearls?? - not! I have a collection of my own teeth tucked away in a brown envelope, all removed by the dentist - does that compare?
    I don't have lots of jewels & unfortunately nothing priceless in monetary terms. I am lucky enough to have my grandmothers engagement & eternity rings (my mother, her only child didn't want them - go figure), they are delicate & the diamonds sparkly. I just love the way they reflect a by-gone era. I wear them when ever I am out. My other favourite thing is a necklace I bought at Tiffany & Co. in London 2008. It is the only one I wear & it goes with everything. I'm not into buying jewelery all of the time & I am not really into costume jewelery. I wear silver & only my rings are gold.

  3. Yes! I have my children's teeth. Slightly gruesome but I couldn't throw them out. No. 1 Daughter is still visited by the tooth fairy too - she's 10 so I don't think it will last much longer. I felt dreadful yesterday morning as the tooth fairy had forgotten two nights in a row! Tooth fairy was busy sewing yesterday to make a teeny tiny purse to leave a coin in. I have a very happpy daughter today.

    I love the cross that you made. I rarely wear any other jewellery apart from my wedding and engagement rings.

    Emma xxx

  4. What a great idea to think what story your jewellery might tell.

    Don't feel too bad on the tooth front, I've still got my childrens too.

    X x

  5. I love your hand made cross - a very contemporary piece. I must own up to a box full of teeth aswell which is hidden in a dressing table drawer.
    Love from Mum

  6. I have teeth! Every single one from both of my offspring. I say *I* - I actually mean my dearly beloved! I have a real sensitive stomach and gag reflex ( a present from pregnancy ) so I am comforted in the knowledge that he has them, but I do not want to see them! It makes me chuckle as they are too in an expensive jewellery box - I chuckle for the macarbre find some one will make when we've popped our cloggs! Thanks for the follow by the way xxx

  7. Thanks everyone. Glad to know I'm not the only one with teeth!!

    Nice to hear about your special jewellery.

    Emma - The tooth fairy has been a vit delayed getting to our House a couple of times too! It's obviously when such a lot of children lose teeth at the same time that she can't get around them. (Wink)!

    Arwedd xx