Friday, 11 May 2012

From Success to Disaster and Back again

My first success was the half hour spent excercising on the Wii Fit Plus. The lovely machine did however, have to remind me that it had been 15 days since my last visit - it's a worse nag than DH about my exercise! Buoyed up by this success my DH suggested that we went on another 5k walk as training for the Race for Life and, without giving it too much thought, I agreed. I almost backed out when I saw it was drizzling, but decided that, as it was not an outright downpour, I would not be detered. This led to me my first disaster of the day.

This may look like an idylic walk through the forest,

but it was far from pleasant!! The ground was so wet I was slipping and sliding all over the place getting more and more covered in mud. My trainers have seen better days and the lack of tread was evident, as I had to keep grabbing DH intermittently, accompanied by terrified squeals. As a consequence, the pace was painfully slow and we definitely did not make our 5k in the allotted hours time slot before school pick up. There were massive black flying things making a horrendous buzzing noise in my ear and randomly zooming into my face. Urghh! By the time I arrived at the school playground the damp had crept up my trouser legs to the knees, my feet were sopping wet, and I looked liked I'd had a mud bath with my clothes on. Very glamorous.

My second success of the day came in the form of a delicious Lemon Drizzle Cake. My second attempt at Frugal Queen's recipe and this time I thought I would soften the butter more thoroughly first. I actually managed to melt it completely, but in it went and instructions followed as per the recent training, the result was much better than the first attempt. Apologies no photo, but it actually all went before I got the chance to take a piccy. Strangely, it took much longer to cook in the oven, I had to put it back on for a full further 10 minutes than I did last time, but I'm relying on all your comments that handmade can vary a lot, so I just kept going and the result was a much lighter, fluffier cake and it was very moist.

Buoyed up by my amazing cooking success and dwelling on thoughts that I will actually be the one who can turn up at the next Homegroup with a homemade cake,..... yes ME,..... unheard of, I got on with the job of cooking the tea. SMACK! I ran straight into disaster number 2 and went back to being old Mrs "Can't Cook". In fact, not only can't cook, but can't even heat up food. All that was required of me was to warm up some pre-cooked food and the result?

Oops! The gaps in the melted plastic is where I have removed pieces of the prawn toast and the plastic is stuck to the bottom of the food. Yum, yum, yucchh! Oh well it serves me right for getting too big for my boots and thinking I had got this thing called cooking licked.

However, all was not lost as my biggest success of the day? When snuggling No. 2 Son into bed, he said in his lovely sleepy voice, "Mommy I like it that your learning to make cakes, what are you trying tomorrow?" I always knew that child was a saint!

Hope you only had successes, but if you didn't maybe we can laugh at the disasters together. Now I've got to get back to scraping the plastic off the oven racks.

Lots of Love Arwedd xx


  1. Life is all about scraping the plastic off the oven racks sometimes, isn't it?
    But what I'm reading here is - I exercised, I baked, I am appreciated and loved.


    Go Arwedd!!! xxx

    1. You have a wonderful gift of saying it in a way that sounds so much better and more positive. I hope you are able to hear this about yourself?

      Love Arwedd xx

  2. I second fostermummies comments - well done! I have also scraped plastic lol!

  3. Plastic is an acquired taste! Nomnomnomnom

    1. Hmm not sure what food group it fits into? Lol

      Arwedd xx

  4. One of the joys of cooking, when someone asks you to make it again!