Wednesday, 16 May 2012

Life is....

When I asked my DH "What can I Blog tonight that's interesting?", his reply was "Sorry, this is your life you're blogging about isn't it?". He was teasing, but maybe he's right, my life isn't all that interesting. My lovely little Blogger stats tell me that my number of pageviews has gradually dwindled from 40-60 to about 5. 

It's true that most weeks for me (and I'm sure others) are pretty much the same and once you've blogged once about your weekly activities, such as Aquafit and Taekwondo, to do so every Tuesday and Friday would bore me, let alone anyone else. The obvious exceptions being when you drive home with no clothes on!! Now if you haven't read every post, you'll be confused. However, once you start to write a Blog you feel a committment to keep it up. People write Blogs for all sorts of reasons, to promote businesses, to document their passion for the red back desert dwelling yellow bellied fruit fly, to record a special holiday, or just as a personal diary. 

When I sat down and committed  to this blog, I like others blogging for the first time had no following and never expected any, because this was just about me writing down my attempt to keep my sanity afloat. I didn't confine myself to any particular subject knowing it would end up as various ramblings, probably more accurately described as drivel. I had read the wonderful Fostermummy's Blog for a long time before ever starting a Blog of my own and I knew, at the outset, I could never write so eloquently or profoundly.

My Day, today has consisted of the same walk to and from Primary School, a very exciting visit from the Broadband engineer, (I don't get out much since I became ill!),**

**Sorry need to stop here and cheer that he has got the Broadband back to at least a functional level, although we now have another 10 days of it 'settling in', but that means it may get better yet**

also researching stuff online for DH's work, and making lunch and tea. He's right, you know, my DH, my life today has not been interesting. So if it's not interesting, what is my life?

It's definitely a journey. Hopefully a journey back to full health, back to something I recognise as more 'me', and on the way it's a voyage of discovery. Discovering slowly, more slowly than I'd like, that there are things I am capable of doing, making meatballs, cooking cake and crocheting. All those are new things, not old things that I used to do, but soon I might feel able to do the old things again, like answer my home phone myself. Discovering that there are some amazing, kind, generous people in the world and not everyone is like those who have hurt you. I need to make a list of all those things I have yet to learn but would like to, some are more ethereal than others. Learning to crochet, cook and knit are do-able, learning to truly accept you are fearfully and wonderfully made, is less tangible.

Life is sometimes a puzzle, a battlefield or a mountain climb, but can also be an adventure, a dance and a love story.

So what is your life and why do you Blog?

Lots of Love Arwedd xxx



  1. I began to keep family and friends up to date with what we are doing here in darkest I have no flipping idea!!!!!
    Jane x

  2. My simple blog just documents the simple things in my life - chores, interests, my own little world and the world about me, things that make me smile = nothing too serious.
    Love from Mum

  3. My blog is about the things that make me who I am... I blog for myself as much as anyone else. It took me a long long time to get the courage to write a blog as I felt that I would be judged and misunderstood. I am glad that I now write one and I love reading other peoples! Vanessa xx

  4. Thank you for your lovely words - I don't think I really deserve them, but thank you x x x I started to blog to keep a "sum of all my days". Then I blogged so that I could look back and remember the good things and let the bad things go. Now I blog as I have made lots of virtual and real friends through this medium, and have learned so much from others. True, we might get an empty day with very little in it, but I try to "listen to my brain thinking" on days like that, as - like today - a post just sort of "appears" in my musings!

  5. Like you I blog on many areas of my life, for myself, for fun, for anyone who wants to read it (apart from almost everyone I know as I have not told them!)to keep a record of what I do, I have started taking more photos - this is good, it's mostly about the good, I try not to focus on the bad as that mainly involves people & I decided not to go there as you never know who is reading! Luckily things have been going swimmingly for me of late (crossed fingers). I sometimes look at my life & think it is soooo boring & who would want to read about it? Then I have to remember that there are those out there who would love to trade places. I enjoy your blog, in many ways we are similar as we both have our 'demons' - I am a little shy & am not overly confident & I don't enjoy being the centre of attention. It's great that you write about learning new skills, the broadband, your oven breaking down, the fence blowing over, your weight battles, your exercise goals as these are things that we all have going on in our lives. Sx

  6. All great reasons to Blog and you all have great Blogs.

    Arwedd xx

  7. I started my blog not long ago and I blog to keep a record of what we do so that in years to come the children can look back and see that actually we are a normal family, we may have no money but that doesn't always stop us doing things !!!!

    I like reading your blog and I check in every day because actually I think you are interesting and even when the mundane things have to be done its nice to see that someone else is doing them too

    Helen x